Year after year elcomUkraine is a meeting place of producers and suppliers of industrial products. It is the center of exchange of experience and a source for new partnership, establishment of new contacts, adjustment of cooperation, attraction of investments and expansion of sales markets. 

Nowadays there is a redistribution of former market positions in Ukraine, "zeroing" and audit of partner relationships, it means that now is the best time to search for new opportunities for growth and development.

Participating in the trade fair, you will be able:

- to find the purposeful and solvent buyer;
- to define new opportunities for development of your business;
- to show stability of your company;
- to show to the market new products and decisions;
- to confirm trust of your clients and partners.

elcomUkraine - important business event for the market of electrical engineering in Ukraine, indicator of the industry. Only once a year, in spring at elcomUkraine, specialized experts of Ukrainian industrial enterprises, oil and energy, design, construction and installation companies, utilities and public facilities can only in four days explore all the offers of the market, compare, select and purchase the necessary equipment . World leaders and leading domestic enterprises prepare for the trade fair the latest energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions, products and technologies in the field of electrical engineering, power and energy systems, energy conservation, wires and cables, lighting equipment.

Together with elcomUkraine - EIA:Electronics and Industrial Automation.