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13 Апрель Conference Hall No 2, pav #3
Static and dynamic compensation of reactive power in low and medium voltage networks, improving the quality of electrical energy.
D. Plaksin, Head of the Department of Reactive Power and Power Quality Compensation Systems, Eknis-Ukraine LLC
The Eknis-Ukraine company is a partner of General Electric (GE) in Ukraine and offers the whole range of equipment for reactive power compensation and normalization of electric energy quality from the world's leading brand Nokian Capacitors (Finland), including: capacitors and capacitor batteries , Harmonic filters, dynamic reactive power compensation systems, active filters, capacitor bank control and protection systems, current-limiting, damping, compensating, shunting and filter reactors. We carry out direct deliveries of Nokian Capacitors equipment from the manufacturer. Our specialists have passed highly specialized trainings and training programs in the engineering center of Nokian Capacitors in Finland, have a high professional level and are ready turnkey to perform a full range of works on commissioning and modernization of reactive power compensation systems with a voltage of 6 kV, And post-warranty service.
We can also offer options for the use of equipment from other manufacturers, if this will provide optimal technical solutions based on the needs of the customer.