6-9 жовтня, 2020
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Адреса Turkey, 34306, Istanbul, Ikitelli
Тел. +90 (212) 549-2970
Факс +90 (212) 549-2971
Інтернет http://www.mepsanpano.com; www.mirackle.net

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Beginning the activities of Mepsan Electrical Engineering Ltd. by manufacturing ELECTRICAL PANELS, passing time and having more experience carried us producing one the largest and different scales in the Market. By the help of our research and innovation experiences,producing new design future products like RACK CABINET, ENCLOSURE, CABLE TRAY helped our partners to be approved and trustable in the Market, so Mepsan has earned appreciation and reliability in the world. Our Company will keep on serving the World with our Research and Development, High Quality Standarts, Trustworthy of business, Customer Satisfaction. Here are some details of our Company and product.
Products 19’’ Rack Cabinets, Type Tested Low Voltage Panels Cable Trays and Support Systems.
Certificates ISO 9001:2000, TSE TS3367 (IEC 60439-1), GOST-R, TYPE TEST REPORT of LVP.

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