6-9 жовтня, 2020
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EMH Elektrizitaetszaehler, GmbH & Co KG

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Адреса Germany, 19243, Wittenburg, 5, Suedring
Тел. +49 38852-645-0
Факс +49 38852-645-129
Інтернет http://www.emh-meter.de

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EMH Ukraine LLC, 113a Saksagansky St., #9, Kiev, 01032, тел. tel./fax: (044) 288-2828, annaemh.com.ua

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EMH Elektrizitatszahler GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1991. EMH develops, manufactures and sells fully electronic electricity meters, accessories and software/system solutions. The scope of our products covers from residential meters to industrial meters through to special meters. In the field of special meters, EMH belongs to the worldwide leading manufacturers.
Numerous energy suppliers worldwide belong to EMHs customers, among others the four largest energy suppliers in Europe.

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